Chi Gung DVD 1 - 8 Exercise of LiuHeBaFa

A unique and excellent Instructional program based on the 8 primordial or essential exercise of LiuHeBaFa also known as water boxing, these 8 indivdual exercise are excellent for any practioner of the Internal Chinese Martial arts . Clearly demonstrated as each Individual exercise with explanatory commentary, guidelines and how to practice, also shown as complete set to follow along and practice in unison.

The 8 exercise teach the practioner how to develop  Rising, Sinking, Contracting, Expanding, Pushing, Pulling, Pressing and Spiralling - All of these principles are essential within all Chinese Martial Arts be they Internal or External

Demonstrated by Julian Dale SiFu a practioner of Chinese Martial arts for 32 years, internationally accredited and recognised by the Hong Kong Chinese Martial Arts Association, The International Traditional Chinese Martial Arts Association HangZhou China, The Lau Fat Mang World Eagle Claw Association and the British Traditional Chinese Martial Arts Association.

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ShiFu Alex Kozma who has an extensive back ground in Hsing Yi, Ba Gua, Tai Chi Chuan and other chinese martial arts, with many years training in China and Taiwan

"I just had the pleasure of watching Julian Dale's new DVD on Liu He Ba Fa basic training exercises.

The methods shown are very sound and useful exercises for all martial artists, each one developing a different quality or line of force. Although I know little about LHBF as a style a lot of this was very familiar from Xingyiquan and Bagauquan neigong training. Julian's structure is very good, it is clear how many years of work he has put into the foundation exercises and stance work.

The section where Julian discusses his background and the material presented is done very well and he is obviously someone with a sincere and deep love for the Chinese martial arts.

Finally what was also very impressive was the excellent production quality of the film - looks like no expense was spared in lighting, sound, camerwork and editing.

In summary - a very good set for anyone wanting to develop whole body connected power, and a very well made film."

Alex Kozma August 2014

ShiFu Jarek Szymanski , a long term practioner of Traditional Chinese Martial Arts specializing in XinYi LiuHe, ZhaoBao Tai Ji, Ba Gua and Hsing Yi, having spent the past 18 years living in China, extensively travelling through out China meeting and discussing Chinese Martial Arts with many older practioners. Jarek reads writes and speaks pertect Chinese this level of native language skills has enabled much indepth historical research, providing translation on old manuscripts into english, academic works  and on the ground meeting people.

"Today I watched Julian Dale's DVD on eight essential qigong exercises.

When I heard for the first time that an externalist had released an instructional video on an internal system, I was in doubt, and was not sold on it.

When the disc arrive it took me some time to get to it, but finally I decided to give it a try.
The introduction was a nice surprise. Brief, informative, honest. Julian has not only devoted his life to external martial arts, he has also studied the internal ones. He admitted the set is his own take on the basic exercises from Water Boxing, based on his own understanding and experience. Fair enough.

I was curious not only about the exercises, but about his skill that he demonstrates through them. And here was another surprise. Julian shows a very good body skills. He is relaxed, but very well coordinated. His body works as a whole, all the joints turn and twist, with hips and waist connecting the lower and upper parts of the body, and working as one with all its parts. One can clearly see how Julian follows the gravity, how his weight is used to power the movements. His power comes from the soles of the feet, this is where power originates.

Julian give clear explanations on how to perform the movements of each of the eight exercises, but the way he shows them as already very clear. One should not only follow the instructions. There is an experience of many years of hard and correct practice in what may seem as simple explanation. It all depends on how advanced you are - either a beginner or a long-time practitioner will find there something valuable. Not only an externalist, but also an internalist. Julian skill is not a mixture of internal or external methods, not a merge, a combination. He has achieved skill beyond the internal-external division.

Jarek Szymanski October 2014


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Chi Gung DVD 1 - 8 Exercise of LiuHeBaFa

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